From outdoor markets to retail pop-ups, we love to do them all. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Have a pop-up, marketplace or event in mind for us? 

Shoot us a DM or email & let us know!


Past  Markets:

Urban Air Market

Bouquet Marketplace

Alameda Antiques Point Faire

Treasure Island Flea

Wunderfaire @ IDEO

A Current Affair


Past Retail Pop-ups:



Show  + Tell

Fresh SF

Urban Outfitters



From Stylists to Designers to Brands, we believe that collaboration is key to progress.

Workshops & Experiences
We'll co-host and create an experience that engages a group with upcycling techniques or crafts.

We can provide the clothing and either support your Creative Director or provide assistance to your stylist.

Vintage/Secondhand Curation for your Shop or Business
Thinking about adding a vintage division in your shop? We can help.

Upcycled Design  & Production
Are you a designer looking to upcycle more or utilize secondhand materials? Let us help you source the materials needed and collaborate on zero waste practices.


Whether you have a out-of-this-world collaboration idea or just want to pull pieces from us for a photoshoot? 

We want to hear from you!


Past Collaborations:

Package Free Shop, Company

EST/WST, Company

Michelle Blanco, Stylist

Honey & Rouge, Blog

Jillian Knox, Stylist

Myriad Projects, Editorial


We'll shop your closet!! We offer 30% of retail value in cash and 45% in credit. If you're local (Brooklyn/ New York) we can come to you. If you're not, we have a way. ;)

Although we primarily look for vintage or designer pieces that fit our aesthetic, don't hesitate to give us a try. We even buy back anything you've purchased from us.