From outdoor markets to retail pop-ups, we love to do them all. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Have a pop-up, marketplace or event in mind for us? 

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TCP at Package Free Shop | Brooklyn, NY.

TCP at Package Free Shop | Brooklyn, NY.


If you’re planning an event and need giveaways or your music artist looking to sell branded merch, consider branding secondhand!! From totes to all types of clothing… we can help you!

Not only will we help you source the items, we’ll work with the most sustainable printing companies out there to ensure you’re putting out quality products. Do a limited run and make each item special and unique.

Concerned about cost? Luckily secondhand can be very cost efficient so don’t write off this option just yet.

Lets talk details.


From Stylists to Designers to Brands, we believe that collaboration is key to progress.

We can provide the clothing and either support your Creative Director or provide assistance to your stylist.

Vintage/Secondhand Curation for your Shop or Business
Thinking about adding a vintage division in your shop? We can help.

Upcycled Design  & Production
Are you a designer looking to upcycle more or utilize secondhand materials? Let us help you source the materials needed and collaborate on zero waste practices.


Whether you have a out-of-this-world collaboration idea or just want to pull pieces from us for a photoshoot? 

We want to hear from you!


Styled by Jillian Knox, Photographed by Natasha Halesworth

Styled by Jillian Knox, Photographed by Natasha Halesworth

Past Collaborations:

Package Free Shop, Company

EST/WST, Company

Michelle Blanco, Stylist

Honey & Rouge, Blog

Jillian Knox, Stylist

Myriad Projects, Editorial

Teru Murao, Stylist

Jenna Remy, Stylist

SUSTAIN, Magazine