Tis' the Season for Sustainability Pt. 2

If you’ve decided to give a secondhand gift this holiday season, we’ve not only got you covered with gift options BUT we also wanted to help you add a special touch.

Remember when I said a secondhand gift could be a 2 in 1? Well… Here’s the other half to the gift. An opportunity for your gift receiver to not only appreciate your thought and commitment to sustainability this season, but to also to be inspired to incorporate sustainability in their own life.

We’ve created poster cards to support any secondhand gift you’ll be giving this season.

Regardless of if you thrifted the gift yourself, bought it from another vintage shop or happened to purchase from us, you can order these cards to add to your gift for free!! You just have to pay for shipping. :)

Check out the different designs below & order them here!


TCP Poster V3.png
TCP Holiday - A gift with impact.png
TCP Poster V4.png
TCP Poster V5.png
TCP Poster V2.png
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