Tis' the Season for Sustainability Pt. 1

This holiday season I really wanted to normalize the conversation about buying secondhand gifts. Even personally I’ve never really thought too much about secondhand gift giving till this year… so it is even a new conversation for me.

Nowadays consumer mentality has been less about the stuff and more about the experience. Something shiny and new doesn’t seem so necessary anymore so maybe secondhand will have a chance for some holiday market share? ;)

When it comes to considering secondhand gifts, I definitely think approaching it in the right way is important. It not only impacts how you shop as you may have to consider other outlets (ie. vintage shops, thrift stores, Etsy or The Consistency Project maybe? haha) from the usual Amazon or Department store, but it can also impact the gift receiver. How will they receive the gift? Is there an opportunity to inspire and enlighten on sustainability? 2 in 1 perhaps?

But first things first. What even makes a good secondhand gift?

I’ve put together a little secondhand holiday gift guide that can hopefully inspire you this season. You can even hop on over to our holiday exclusive section in the shop for some ideas.

Have some ideas of your own? Have your own shop with great secondhand gift options? Add it in the comments!

Lets start helping each other shop secondhand this holiday season.


Vintage Home Goods

From glassware sets, to enamelware to a unique letter holder. Everyone always appreciates being able to add special touches in their home.


Vintage Books

We are so in tune with everything digital that sometimes we need be reminded of the physical. From vintage cookbooks to art books to classic children’s books… inspire someone with something analog for a change.


Vintage Prints

From old magazine clippings to artwork… You can give it framed or unframed. Either way, an image or artwork can tie back to a memory and experience that you can share with another.

TCP - holiday-jacket.jpg

Probably the one piece of clothing that is a bit forgiving when it comes to sizing. Plus… who won’t love a unique vintage jacket?

tcp- lucite-earrings.jpg

Jewelry has always been a holiday favorite when it comes to gifting… So why not vintage jewelry instead? Choose a classic, timeless piece and you can’t go wrong.


Whether a nice leather pouch, a unique beaded purse or a designer vintage bag. There’s a range of options out there that you’ll be surprised to find.