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The Consistency Project is about inspiring a more sustainable lifestyle through secondhand and vintage clothing. In a world of fast fashion, we felt the need to advocate for sustainability and provide alternatives.

Our name comes from the common strive for consistency in our lives. We believe that if we can commit to sustainability through the way we dress, we can commit to sustainability in other parts of our lives, thus creating consistency for ourselves.

We represent all individuals that aren't afraid to go against the grain, those who seek to mend or repair over waste, the experimental who dress creatively regardless of trend or season and those that are socially responsible in their consumption.

We currently curate vintage and secondhand as well as upcycle in-house designs, but we're exploratory and ever evolving. We continue to seek any opportunity that contributes to our mission, a more sustainable NOW. We hope you'll follow along and support the project.

Founded by Natasha Lo in 2017 in Oakland, CA.
Currently based in Brooklyn, NY.