Flirty & Thriving.

Literally TOO GOOD working with Atha yesterday.

I got to do everything from the styling to the creative work to the photography. The perks of being a self entrepreneur, you find ways to build skills in other areas besides just the business. I say perks but lets be real. Little funds, means finding ways to make it happen. Luckily Atha is a professional. ;)

This shoot screamed flirty and thriving. On one hand you think cute, innocent and flirty and on the other hand you got a boss lady, thriving and making shit happen.

Where my flirty and thriving ladies at?!

<3 Natasha


Outfit Features:

Nike x TCP Embroidered Shirt in Cream, M $40
Cropped Pinstripe Trousers, Fits 26" - 28" Waist  $35
Wool Red Beret, $20

Inquire about purchasing the trousers or beret by emailing me here.

Model: Atha Davis
Photography/Styling/Creative: Natasha Lo
Location: Berkeley, CA