Stop Junk Mail

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I've been on this journey to continually find new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and been really inspired by all the resources out there. The internet is amazing for these reasons. 

At the same time it's been a little overwhelming.

Finding a starting point. Switching out all your plastic for wood or aluminum. Making your in-home cleaners. Remembering to always have our reusables. Avoiding packaging and disposables. Knowing everything you can actually recycle. Eating locally. Composting. Changing laundry habits. 

I mean the list can go on.

If anything I've learned that it just takes approaching everything one at a time. Taking on 1-3 transitions a month and creating those good habits. 

So lets see if you're up for a sustainable lifestyle change this month.

What if you could Stop getting Junk Mail?

You know all that junk mail you receive in your mailbox? Not the digital one... we got filters for that. I'm talking about your physical mailbox. Why are companies still sending that junk?!

Catalog Choice is a donation based service that helps you opt out of junk mail.

All you have to do is:

- Take note of all the companies you receive junk mail from.
- Sign up for an account with Catalog Choice.
- Start going down the list of companies and opting out of their physical mail through Catalog Choice's website.

 I promise it'll feel real good having a mailbox junk free and saving hundreds of trees.

Here's to making changes one baby step at a time.