Dancing Denim

This past weekend I got to hang with the one and only Skylar Allen. Before I dive into our shoot, I wanted to share a quick story about our friendship.

I was just starting to launch The Consistency Project as a full-time time gig and my first business of order was planning Closet Marketplace, an event where individuals could re-sale their clothes, bond over up cycling activities (ie. embroidery, patching, etc) and just connect with good company. This was all in February of this year.

Considering I didn't really have a strong following and wanted to have some "new" friends in the mix, I cold - DMed a bunch of people in the Bay Area. Lots of bloggers or anyone I felt may connect with what I was doing. I was really taking things back to my sales days... But honestly it was one of the best things I did. Many people didn't get back to me (surprise surprise...) but a few did. Skylar was one of them that got back to me and so did my now good friend, Praise who is pushing ethical weddings & took my engagement photos. So proud of her.

 Throwback to the event in Feb 2017. Skylar to the far right. :)

Throwback to the event in Feb 2017. Skylar to the far right. :)

Anyways. Skylar was the only blogger that ended up coming to my event and here we are today collaborating and making cool shit happen. I am so grateful for her support since the beginning.

Social media sometimes gets a bad rep, but I am grateful for the accessibility it has caused and for the new friends I now have from it.


Now onto our shoot...

The one thing I've really learned about photographing someone over these past couple of shoots with friends, particularly more in a lifestyle setting, is that it's a relationship between you and the one being photographed. It can be your chance to showcase something special about them. Emotions, past experiences, thoughts, who they are... and the undiscovered.

It can also be a learning experience. With Skylar I felt like I learned more about her all while connecting with her in a different way than previous times.

Once I saw her moving like a dancer in some of the photos, I was like "What you danced?!" and  "YESSS. Give me MOREEEEE." She honestly just kept taking the direction, didn't push back and let herself explore and open up.

Mind you, I had her jumping, twirling, and more... All in the hot blaring sun in a long denim coat. Not one peep or sign of letting that bother her. Honestly another aspect I admired/learned about her that day.

Check out the first look. The inspo for this was showcasing a mix of some classic, yet feminine touches. From the 50s head wrap to the long denim coat to her movement.

Same word. 3 times.



Outfit Features:

Cream Deadstock Tee, S $18
Vintage DKNY Wrap Skirt, Size 8, ~ 28" Waist  $45
Long Denim Coat, Fits up to XL $80
Silk Polka Dot Scarf, $15

Inquire about purchasing anything by emailing me here.

Model: Skylar Allen
Photography/Styling/Creative: Natasha Lo
Location: Berkeley, CA