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I've mentioned this before but I'm mentioning it again.


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And I promise this isn't sponsored. Although, Hey GoBlu!! This is Natasha from The Consistency Project! Holla at yo girl!

I just choose to promote it because every week the articles they put together are SO insightful and really push me to be better and do better in the land of sustainability. 

They compile a bunch of sustainability / fashion related articles into one weekly email and in categories like Brands & Retail, Reports, Guidelines & Standards, The Supply Chain and Manufacturers. 

I look forward to this email every week and spend a decent amount of time reading every single article. Honestly it can get a little depressing at times to read about the pollution, labor issues and lack of care from a lot of big fashion brands. But in the midst of it all, there are also a lot of research being done, action being made and sustainable brands that are pushing things forward.

Either way, staying current is just step one to making a difference. 

I want to leave you with this one article titled: Is Sustainable Fashion Completely Pointless? by HighSnobiety that was in GoBlu's most recent newsletter.

It provoked a lot of thought for me personally but I won't preach anything here.

I will say that whatever you're doing to try and make a difference, it does contribute to the bigger impact and thank you for doing it.

Baby steps people.

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