The Insider Series: Denim + Workwear

So here I am with more for the insider series to hopefully give you continual insight on The Consistency Project - what I'm working on, our business focus, theories on sustainability, and more. To be honest I'm seeing it as an ever evolving outlet to just provide more transparency. ;)

As I mentioned in my last insider post, I wanted to share more about why I chose to focus on denim and workwear as a vintage seller. Doesn't seem like much of a topic, but I felt like it touched up on a lot of the underlying values that I wanted to have when starting this "business."

So here we go.

In case you haven't read the "About" section on my website, this project started with a focus on travel, apparel and how you can do more with less. When you traveled with less "baggage," this allowed more focus on the experience. And lets be honest, your experience is the most important and impactful part of traveling. 

When you travel, you pack your favorite pieces, what is comfortable and what is versatile even within seasons. Preferably all in one carry-on. This thought process of choosing what to pack also inadvertently taught us what we truly needed and valued within our closets.

This concept of "doing more with less" did hover around the whole "minimalist" lifestyle except as I thought about it more, I realized having less stuff was just part of the battle. You wanted to do more with less stuff, but you also wanted to make sure anything you purchased was sustainable.

In the end, consumption is inevitable so how you can consume sustainably and be thoughtful on what clothing items are essential, comfortable and versatile all at the same time?

Hence the focus on denim and workwear was born.

Denim is classic.


No one will ever argue that and it has been around for decades, never really falling out of “trend.” It is the essential to everyone's wardrobe and is extremely versatile for different seasons.

On the other hand it is also one of the most taxing pieces of clothing to produce on our environment. The amount of water, cotton, pollution and waste that is created is enormous.

Focusing on denim touched up on three goals.

First, it allowed me to try and create the biggest impact environmentally.

Secondly, with denim being an essential for everyone, it brought me back to my original values of encouraging people to think about doing more with less.

Lastly, it has allowed me to focus on a broader market and attract those customers that normally don't purchase secondhand. I could really be a “gateway”vintage shop to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Workwear is practical.


I will admit that workwear has been trendy, but to me workwear represents something more. It has always been designed for durability and utility. You know stuff you WEAR to WORK... get it? Workwear? haha. 

But in all seriousness, I love that about it. There's something about bringing back practicality to our everyday wear and is a subtle reminder of why clothing is worn. For function, utility and comfort. Cause sadly being naked isn't practical for our modern day. ;)

Considering its practicality and how popular it is now, I felt it was a timely focus. 


Bonus: Denim + Workwear are my essentials.

So how could I not focus on what I love? It would defeat the purpose of making this a business in the first place.

Thanks for reading till the end. Hopefully this was a simple yet insightful read into the brain of Natasha Lo aka The Consistency Project aka my personal business diary. ;)

I find writing things out and sharing my thoughts are the best way to really solidify and understand meaning behind why I do what I do internally. Truly an insightful process for myself. A suggestion I recommend to everyone. 

Peace for the Summer of Love,