The Insider Series: The Beginning

Always keep that window of opportunity open.

Always keep that window of opportunity open.

There's something about being an insider or "behind the scenes" that seems so cool and glamorous but in reality what's really actually special about it is the opportunity to see how things get created and to learn and be inspired. 

Learning and inspiration. What all us millennials want nowadays.

I wanted to start sharing all the "inside scoop" on The Consistency Project & take you on this journey with me. What's going on? What're we up to next? Why do we do what we do? 

It's that opportunity share my learnings, hopefully be inspired and to challenge yourself to think through things whether it's your own business, your passion project, your job, your life. Anything. Whatever you take from it, will be yours to keep.

Part of connecting with a brand is getting to understand their values and what's actually behind the scenes. Things are so well fabricated for the public eye that sometimes words in a blog post can be the best route to be as straightforward as possible. So here we are.

Although I'm a one woman show, I still sometimes use "we" vs. "I" or "team" vs. "me" because when you work by yourself, you start to see those you collaborate with as your team and companions regardless of being under the same "business" or "company."

We traditionally think that a business is made up of a team or teams and everyone has a role. But doing this solo has forced me to seek building a team through collaborations with other businesses, projects and individuals. We all get to work together like any other "team" for a greater cause, learn from different perspectives and contribute to each other's success, but at the end of the day you still have your own brand and business you can call your own. This is pretty cool and this approach to self-entreprenuership has become more and more apparent nowadays.

I have been blessed to have worked with many different people already. I just want to take the time to thank everyone that has worked with me, whether taking the time to reach out, collaborating with me, answering my random requests, helping me develop my business or believing in what I'm doing. For anyone else out there who's looking to collaborate, holla at yo girl. When we help each other, success is that much sweeter. 

Lesson of the post: Success can't be reached alone & relationships do matter. 

Stay tuned for my next BTS Insider series post which will get a little more granular on why I focus on denim and workwear, and my thought process behind that decision. Sounds so fun right? ;)

- Natasha