Summerrrrrrrr Collabs

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but ya know. Life moves quickly. ;)

Wanted to check in cause it's the summer and I'm looking to get werk done!

I'll have events at least once a month to check out the new new and get fitted in the classics. I'm also committing to beefing up my Etsy shop with more styled photos and a range of pieces and even accessories. Hope you peep out those channels and show some love.

But really when I say werk this summer. I mean collaborations. 

1. Looking to produce some photoshoots with all the clothing I have. Also just got a new camera. Say what? Calling all "models" or anyone who likes to be photographed, fellow vintage sellers, bloggers, photographers, CDs, stylists, MUA and more. Lets work together and build our portfolios.... oh wait should I say Instagram? ;)

2. Carrying more upcycled designs. If you're a designer or just like to design cool shit, lets work together. Not going to spill all the beans here so if at all interested, holla at yo girl.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for another post where I just spill out my heart (and soul) on The Consistency Project & continue to share what it's all about.


- Natasha