My Visit to New York

Last week I was in New York. Immersed myself into the ever so fast paced lifestyle and the city center for fashion. So fab.

Views from where I stayed in East Village

Views from where I stayed in East Village

While in NY I visited warehouses, shadowed a buyer meeting, met with professionals in the industry, went to a music/fashion event hosted by a friend, caught up with more old friends, learned that I don't walk fast enough when getting around the city, and really just came to the realization that there is so much this project can provide beyond a shop or just events.

Through all the different conversations there it was apparent that this project is much more complex because what currently exists in the space of secondhand apparel are vintage shops, resale companies and flea markets.

Do we fit in one category?  
Kinda, but not really.

Is there more to be discovered and created in the space of secondhand?
Most likely.

In the end we want to give people other avenues to consume, share and dress sustainably. We want secondhand to be a norm and we want people to see character, a story and a blank canvas in things that are "used" vs. see it as trash. There's plenty of work we still need to do but we're continuing to learn from what exists, whether participating in flea markets or opening up an Etsy shop.

We don't consider ourselves part of the fashion industry, nor would we say we're about "fashion" but as The Consistency Project develops from concept to business, it was important to try and understand the fashion industry directly from a city like NY to understand how we fit into the bigger picture.

No matter what, it just comes down to the same goal of apparel and how we clothe ourselves.

We'll continue to see what's possible to then hopefully create something new. Time will tell and we appreciate you following along and always welcome feedback.

To everyone I spoke to over this NY trip and the friends that supported me through treating me out to meals, a place to stay or kind words, thank you thank you thank you for investing in me and this project.

Used Clothing Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY

Used Clothing Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY

New York was amazing and I look forward to finding a way to make this project relate to everyone no matter the coast.

After all, we all share the same planet.