Moving Past Traditional Fit & Sizing

I sent out a survey a while ago to some friends to understand their vintage shopping habits. I asked things like what was important to them in vintage or how often they purchased vintage online. One thing that come up multiple times within the comments and survey was fit and sizing.

The one thing about vintage or secondhand is that the way the clothing fits seems unpredictable. Every piece is a one of a kind and will range in size depending on the brand or which period it was made. Online vintage shops try their best to outline measurements or additional details to ease the purchasing process, but it can be tough for the buyer, especially since we've traditionally considered "fit" to be limited to one size or number for ourselves with little flexibility and range. 

This process can also be tough for the seller. Think about the range of models they think may need to even photograph each product. How do you showcase the best "traditional" fit reasonably when you don't have the "one size that fits all models" option that new clothing does? This can be a huge expense, causing vintage clothing to be $$$.

This all probably explains why most of the secondhand and vintage businesses have primarily been in brick & mortars. You go to the physical shop and you try things on. Its a pretty straightforward process. But.. what if there was a different way to view this whole situation of "will this fit?"

Meet Gilda Ambrosio. I warn you now that I will post about her a lot, probably more on our Instagram, but she is pure inspiration. Her creative approach to mixing and matching styles, layering and going against the "traditional" fit brings me to the conclusion that your fit shouldn't be limited to one number or size. We of course can't make something too small fit, but from our "traditional" size and up, there is room to get creative.

So throw out the concern of what we traditionally consider the right fit. Once you look past the measurement you've been told to follow, you'll see that secondhand and vintage is a fun way to push all those "traditional" limits to fit and sizing. Cause... welp. There's usually only one size to choose from and no pressure to choose your "size."

Yes. Gilda is fabulous so she can pull it off but so can you. Go big or go home.