Don't be selfish.

Its been over 2 years since a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed and killed thousands of innocent garment workers. Companies like H&M, Walmart, Gap, and my old love Zara all utilize Bangladesh factories to produce their fast fashion. Millions of garment workers in 3rd world countries literally put their lives and sometimes "blood" into the clothes society purchases everyday. Lucky you though. You buy something and see it as disposable, not carrying any burden or responsibility for the humans on the other end, that work nonstop to produce what is "disposable." 

Lets start the typical consumerism blame game. Should the clothing companies be taking responsibility? Or should it be the country's government where the factory resides? Should it be the U.S government? Should it be you? God forbid you have to even be considered for the blame... 

In the end, businesses are trying to drive profit. That has been the foundation to every business decision in America. When consumers like you ask for cheaper costs, it doesn't get eaten up by the company. It gets squeezed out of the very beginning of the supply chain. Factory owners need to also make a living, so there we have the garment/factory workers. Their wages as low as $3 per day. No zeros missing. So who really holds the power for change? That's right. It's YOU.

Consumers hold the power. We can make a difference. The sad part is most modern day consumers are obsessed with materialism. One common cause is honestly insecurities. Insecurities created by today's marketing & advertising, social media, lack of morality, sexism... The list goes on. We buy to make ourselves feel good and don't realize that the sick cycle of consuming does nothing for us at all. There's a false correlation of consumption to happiness. 

I write this stuff not be a crazy anti-fashion cynic, but to be a person that actually speaks up. Awareness on these issues can induce change and in the end hopefully create a larger impact. Remember, we all hold the power. The price is just saying no to fast fashion when you can resist.

Lets not be selfish.