To Oakland...

My home in Oakland.

My home in Oakland.

I have to admit that I'm one to take the "stay strong" approach in times of tragedy, fear and loss and internalize everything. But regardless of how I may personally cope with these experiences, I wanted to share my sincerest condolences and love to those that have been affected from the recent fire here in Oakland, a city I call home.

This is a moment of vulnerability for everyone, whether directly affected or not. As we mourn the lives of those lost, we must also try to celebrate the life we fortunately have.

Life can be unfair. But as I read about the lives lost in the fire, I can only imagine them hoping that we continue to be good people, stand up for what believe in and live the life that makes us happiest, even if it doesn't fit in the "traditional pathway" the world tries to have us follow.

Life is too short. 

- Natasha