2 Questions for this Holiday Season

the consistency project - blog post - holiday questions

Black Friday has already passed and I can admit, it was difficult to avoid browsing through all the promotions and online shops this year.

But with my head buried in fashion articles, environmental data and blogs as I prepare to focus on this project full time, I feel more and more passionate about The Consistency Project's purpose.

Its purpose is to promote a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to apparel and fashion. This is truly the future.

With more and more consumers (like yourself) caring about where our clothing comes from, the social issues in the industry & the environmental impact fast fashion has on our planet, I wanted a safe space to create inspiration and initiatives that get us towards responsible fashion consumption. So thank you so far for following. 

Now onto some action oriented advice.

Before you buy anything for yourself this holiday season,
Ask yourself:

1. Do you actually need it? 

This is simple and straightforward. Remember that studies have proven that people get a "natural high" when purchasing something or finding a great deal. With the "up" comes the "down" though. You'll feel the need to "consume" more.

Most times you don't realize how stupid a purchase was till it's too late.

Don't let your mind fool you.

2. How would you rate the quality?

Many people have never visited a tailor or a shoemaker. Why? Because people rather just buy something new than invest in repair. Makes sense if you're buying poor quality goods to begin with.

So my advice is buy for quality. Buy something you'll keep for as long as you can & when it starts to fall apart, it should make you feel extremely sad. That is quality. 

Look at where it's made, what it is made out of, could it be properly cared for & does it hold a lasting value... All sub questions to quality.

Pretty straight - forward and seems simple enough right? 

Just know the impact of these two questions goes far beyond just dollar savings.

Happy weekend.