New Year, New Closet. Say Hello to Closet Marketplace.

Photo Courtesy: Adored Vintage Blog

Photo Courtesy: Adored Vintage Blog

Who doesn't like to save money or make money with their closet? 

Whether adding "new" additions or cleansing for the new year, our closets are a marketplace. Additionally, online shopping has now become the norm and consumers like yourself are looking for more unique experiences when shopping in person or at traditional brick& mortars. I smell an opportunity...

The resale industry isn't new, although many have yet to adopt it. Storefronts like Crossroads Trading Co. or Wasteland have dominated the industry for years, but online resale companies are coming to get a huge share of the market. With companies like Tradesy, ThredUp, The RealReal, and Depop, resale has been accessible online more than ever.

Even with all of these options for resale, the interesting thing is that studies show there's still $8 billion dollars sitting in people's closets. I smell another opportunity...

But what are the main painpoints in resale?

  1. Lugging all your shit to a store or to the post office. We tend to think that cleaning out our closet is once a year thing so when we get the courage to sell, its overwhelming and time consuming. It's like doing laundry when you don't have a washer/dryer in unit. Ew. No thank you.
  2. If you have to individually list each piece of clothing online, that is even more time. It can be a pretty drab experience by yourself, listing each piece of clothing one by one. You might ask yourself, is this even worth it?
  3. Accepting the poor ROI and resale value on your expensive clothing. Just like you want a deal, so does everyone else. Yes you spend $175 on those jeans but don't expect to get more than ~$20 back in resale after fees. Let alone, if they're not in great condition. Good luck getting anything back.

Say Hello to Closet Marketplace. 

We'll be designing and hosting our first series of local curated meetups to buy, sell or trade any personal clothing or goods. These meetups will take into consideration brand preferences, style interests & sizing. They'll also provide a social twist to the otherwise standard resale alternatives.

How they address the painpoints:

  • These are curated so you won't be bringing your ENTIRE closet. It should be manageable & we ask that you only bring what you can carry comfortably for organization & efficiency sake. ;)
  • Too much time? Just like craft fairs or artist flea markets, it'll be an experience & more than just buying, selling or trading goods. We're all about maximizing on time so prepare for fun. We hope you'll meet new people in your local area and enjoy tunes, food & drinks.
  • Accepting the value of your used clothing will be an uphill battle but will provide you with guidance and be cutting out the middle man so you'll still win in the end. Things should be priced low to sell or be traded! We want to avoid you lugging your stuff back home.
Photo Courtesy: Theadora Brack

Photo Courtesy: Theadora Brack

You can join as:

  • A Participant/Seller: You'll sell/ trade your clothing during the meetup.
  • An Attendee: Buy clothing or just enjoy a sustainable & social experience.

For our first marketplace series, we're starting out with women/unisex clothing and will only have meetups located in the Bay Area, California but we want EVERYONE to sign up & show their interest!  We want these meetups to be designed for you so in order to do so we need to hear from you. 

Sign up here. 

And did I mention this is all amazing for the planet?