Every Packing Tip You'll Need to Know

The articles are out there. Just google "Packing Tips" and hundreds of articles will be at your disposal. Now if all of them are actually helpful or useful, that is where I hope to help you out. I've compiled all the necessary packing tips you'll need to set some good habits and will give you some additional insight on what works, what doesn't and what's subjective.

Lets get started.


Tip #1: Pack the "Must-Haves" vs. the "Just in Case"

Oh the classic, "Maybe I'll want to wear this on a night out!" or "This will be cute with the jeans I'm bringing." My response is you'll most likely not even wear it OR if you do end up wearing it, you'll probably only wear it once since that clothing item will only work with one outfit. That is the true sad reality.

Lets try an exercise: Think about the last trip you took. If you have photos, look through the photos. What did you wear the most? What did you pack that you didn't even wear once? After answering these questions, hopefully you'll have a realization of your current style of packing and how it can be improved.

Personally, I live by this packing tip because it sets the foundation to successful packing by helping you filter through what is actually necessary. The hardest part is deciding what to pack. From there, there's other tips on how to pack it all into a carry-on. ;)

So, before you start actually pulling clothes out of your closet to pack stop and think about what are the "Must-Haves" vs. the "Just in Case."

Tip #2: Create a "Tops to Bottoms" Formula that Works for You


I've read a couple of articles that say a 3:1 ratio of Tops to Bottoms is the way to go, but I've also read that some go with a 10:1 ratio. Now that's a huge difference! Everyone is comfortable with different amounts of repeating. Personally I'm happy to wear the same jeans multiple times (washing it of course during the trip) and it doesn't bother me. So a higher ratio is fine. But if you're one to change it up a bit, the 3:1 ratio would be your best bet. So for every bottom you pack, pack 3 tops. Pretty simple.

The main thing to realize is, you can't pack by outfits. You'll have to pack by individual, versatile pieces. Lucky for you, you're reading the right blog for inspiration.

Tip #3: Create a Checklist

This is pretty straight forward. You write down everything you're thinking of packing, down to the t-shirt. Some come to realizations by visually seeing the pile of stuff you're packing and some come to realizations by looking at the long list. Either way, this helps you recognize what you should be bringing. It also makes it easy to cut out anything you don't need.

Another point: If you start throwing everything into a suitcase, you may just forget what you had packed to begin with... That is never good cause you probably won't realize you have it during your trip either!


Tip #4: Think about WHERE you're going & WHAT you'll be doing.

Factors like the weather and different activities play a huge role in how you decide what to bring. If it's somewhere with extreme weather you'll have to think about utility over trends. If you're backpacking across some mountains, then of course your packing list will be less about color palettes and more about survival.

A couple of sub-tips for weather include:

Tip #5: Rolling vs. Folding


This all depends on the luggage you're packing but generally a mix of both is a way to go. Many think that rolling all your clothing is the most efficient way to fit more in your bag, but that is definitely not all true. Rolled clothing should be used as a filler for any open spaces and/or create a flat foundation within uneven sections. Once you have a flat surface you can place folded pieces nicely and evenly on top of each other. It works like a charm so try it out!

Remember shoes can't be rolled or folded so you should try your absolute hardest to bring 2 pairs. One for walking comfortably and one for comfortably going on a night out. Basically versatile and comfortable. See this blog post for more inspo.

Ready for those holiday getaways?