Holidays are a time to start saving...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm not sure if it's only my inbox, but I'm sure your inbox is just as flooded with enticing discounts and flashy sales for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season. So you may ask, "How are the Holidays a time to save?"

Habits are formed throughout the year, but during a season where we'll do the opposite of saving and spend spend spend, there isn't a better time to highlight 3 different areas you can start saving in to close out the year strong. Let's create great habits for the new year. Read on.

1. Holidays are a time to start saving your money & making it go further.

Okay... May seem like the worst statement when this is the time to give to loved ones and those in need BUT who said that value is placed monetarily. 

We all have experienced getting gifts that make us question, "What made them think to buy me this?!" Those weird clothes that don't event fit, or that trinket of a turtle which you have no connection to... We know what it is like to be on the receiver's end so do others a favor and don't just "give" a physical gift just cause. Get creative and provide an experience or take the time to really put thought into your gift so there's value.

Honestly a  greeting card with genuine thoughts and love can go much further than you think. Last I checked, those were budget friendly.

2. Holidays are a time to start saving the planet.

This one is a big one. Your home is my home and my home is everyone else's home. Do you know how much waste is created from unwanted gifts, retail therapy gone wrong, or crazy wrapping paper? This carries from my other point but think before you buy anything! For yourself, for others, just stop and think. You'll maybe save yourself some money, but even more importantly you'll save the planet from one less object you'll end up throwing away immediately.

Studies from Stanford University say, 

"Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than any other time of year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage, or about 1 million extra tons per week!"


That is bananas. You think one person can't make a difference, but each person can. That includes you. Even the small act of bringing your own reusable shopping bag will lessen the 102 billion plastic bags that are used a year. I think that's enough.

As the Stanford article says, "give gifts of time and gifts that are sure to be used."

3. Holidays are a time to start saving your clothes.

This is not what you think. In our perfect world, your entire closet is filled with things you love and cherish, but sadly this isn't reality. There are things you don't need in your closet which we want you to donate and recycle. So not the type of "saving" we're referring to.

What want is for you to start thinking about how you take care of your clothes and making sure it can last for years and years longer, hopefully ending up in a 2080 vintage shop. Again in our perfect world, you'll want to keep your clothes for as long as you live and beyond.

So here's the winning tip: Stop washing your clothes so often! 

I really respect Reformation and read every single one of their marketing emails. Not because of their weird catchy subject lines or to see what's "Hot" and "New" BUT I love them because they feature facts about the waste that is caused by the fashion industry. One fact they feature is that washing your clothes less often is so much better for the planet (for obvious reasons.) What I'd like to add if you're being selfish is it's also better for your clothes.


Washing too often is the fastest way to break down a lot of the fibers (including the shape and color) in clothing. What's the point in trying something on before you buy it if it's going to fall apart and not fit the same when you wash it too much?

How about warm water vs. cold water? Cold water is not only better for the environment, but it is better for your clothes. Studies show that your clothes will hold up better as it is more delicate for many fabrics.

So remember this tip is a win - win - win. For your clothes, the planet and for you.

So there we have it. Tips to start saving the plant, money and clothes this holiday season. What more can you ask for?