Robert from Dededo, Guam

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos by: Natasha Lo

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos by: Natasha Lo

If you could only pack 5 things for your next trip, what would they be?

1. Everlane Cotton Box Cut Tee - Extremely comfortable, flattering, and affordable. This shirt has become my go to staple. It’s a basic with just the right amount of detail.

2. J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans - Durable, comfortable, and just right for my frame.

3. LULU KG Kurt Geiger Black Patent Leather Oxfords - Understated and classic enough for daytime wear, yet just the right amount of pizazz to usher you into wherever the evening takes you.

4. Macbook Air - While I try to disconnect while I’m away, it’s nice to be able to document my adventures and have the ability to write when I want to.

5. Everlane Reverse Denim Twill Weekender - The only piece of luggage you’ll really need.

Where would you travel to next?

I’ve been craving driving along the coast of Monaco and the south of France.

In one sentence, how would you describe your thought process to packing.

Never plan specific outfits, why take away the spontaneity and excitement a vacation brings?