Lauren from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos: Natasha Lo

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos: Natasha Lo

If you could only pack 5 things for your next trip, what would they be?

1. Black faux leather leggings from a boutique in Tel Aviv.

2. Black headband (either my black velvet headband with a bow or my black cotton mesh headband)

3. Black crinkled motorcycle jacket from Scotch and Soda

4. Light grey dolman sweater by Velvet

5. Navy long sleeve dress by Tobi

BONUS: Probably a onesie for loungewear anywhere (so long as its not too hot).

Where would you travel to next?

I've had Mauritius on the mind lately, as well as Thailand, Australia,  Berlin, and Japan.

In one sentence, how would you describe your thought process to packing.

Anxiety; avoidance; more avoidance; holy shit I'm only gonna get 5 hours of sleep; what's the weather; ok I'll take my favorite (season-dependent) clothing.