Pauli from Chicago, IL, USA

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos: Natasha Lo

Location: San Francisco, CA. Photos: Natasha Lo

If you could only pack 5 things for your next trip, what would they be?

1. Beats by Dre Headphones/iPhone - I can't live without music!!

2. A baseball or rimmed hat from HUF - For bad hair days and to protect my face from the damaging sun rays!

3. A cute comfy loose Jumper or Romper from Anthropologie.

4. Some HUF sneakers that I could workout and hike in.

5. A pair of sexy heels from Christian Louboutin to transform my jumper into a more dressy outfit because you gotta be going out on a vacation. ;)

Where would you travel to next?

Africa (Morocco or South Africa).

In one sentence, how would you describe your thought process to packing.