Who We Are

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Based in Oakland & San Francisco.

This was a part-time lifestyle project that started in 2014 with a focus on travel, apparel and how one can do more with less. More experiences with less baggage, literally and figuratively. We saw a unique relationship between travel and apparel that we wanted to showcase as the two combined help us recognize what is truly needed for our everyday wear.

Fast forward to today, we are a full-time lifestyle business that promotes making smarter, sustainable consumer decisions. In a world of fast fashion, we felt the need to make a mark for a better future.

We specialize in selling vintage denim | workwear, recycled apparel |goods, and curate other vintage apparel throughout the different seasons. 

We are for the forward thinking individuals that aren't afraid to go against the grain, for those who seek to mend or repair over waste, for the experimental who dress creatively regardless of trend or label and for those that are socially responsible in their consumption.

If any of this speaks to you, we consider you apart of this project community & lifestyle.  High five for getting ahead of the curve and making a difference. Now lets inspire others to join us.


Natasha Lo
Creator, The Consistency Project



The Studio: 1811 Folsom

Vintage Shop by Appointment

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Workshops & Experiences


Vintage/Secondhand Curation for your Shop or Business

Upcycled Design  & Production


Pop Up Events & Marketplaces

From outdoor markets to retail pop-ups, we love to do them all.

Have a pop-up, marketplace or event in mind for us? 

Let us know!

Past & Upcoming Markets:

Urban Air Market

Bouquet Marketplace

Alameda Antiques Point Faire

Treasure Island Flea

Wunderfaire @ IDEO

A Current Affair

Past Retail Pop-ups:



Show  + Tell

Fresh SF

Urban Outfitters



From Stylists to Artists to Fashion Designers, we believe that collaboration is key to progress.

Whether you have a out-of-this-world collaboration idea or just want to pull pieces from us for a photoshoot? 

We want to hear from you!

Past Collaborations:

Michelle Blanco, Stylist

Honey & Rouge, Blog

Jillian Knox, Stylist

Myriad Projects, Editorial

 Clothing: The Consistency Project, Stylist: Michelle Blanco, Photographer: Leo Patrone, MU + Hair: Monique Mazer

Clothing: The Consistency Project, Stylist: Michelle Blanco, Photographer: Leo Patrone, MU + Hair: Monique Mazer